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A follow up to my post above, I was able to connect to the web interface for nessus. For some reason it didn't bind to my loopback interface. So using to connect to wasn't working. But I plugged my eth0 interface into my switch and connected via that interface's IP and it worked fine. Not sure why it isn't bound to the loopback interface as well though. I didn't see anything in the nessusd.conf file that specified an interface to listen on.

Hopefully that will help anyone else having issues connecting to Nessus via loopback address.

vi /opt/nessus/etc/nessus/nessusd.conf
(change) enable_listen_ipv4 = yes (default is no)
(change) listen_address = (default is
wq (write, quit your changes)
service nessusd restart


(login & rtfm/google next time) (if you type-in the [spoon*] stuff go back to windoze!)