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Thread: what do i do......i cant find the station

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    Unhappy what do i do......i cant find the station

    >new at this<
    ok so im trying to do an active injection into a wep network obviously its slow on the data and active injection is needed im running bt4 beta (final dosent seem to want to work for me) vmware workstation 7 windows 7 ultimate and a usb alfa network adapter (lucky me) well my problem with the injection is after running
    "airodump-ng -w passcode --bssid --:--:--:--:--:-- -c 6 wlan0"
    and begin looking for the station thats suppost be under it nothing shows there with the exception of one thing that flashes very very quickly everyonce in awhile so i cant tell you exactly what it says but
    here is what i read dumping to kismet cvs file so i open another kernal window and type in kismet
    that opens up to show me a list of networks same as with airmon-ng so.... where the hell do i find this station at could this be a setting that i can change so that it will show it where it should????
    or how can i view it where ever its dumping it to im at a stand still with this and i cant seem to find any info on it i need help pleasssseeee

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    Default Re: what do i do......i cant find the station

    Read the aircrack-ng documetation in it's entirety. This has been covered and solved.

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