After many hours and countless smokes, i have been seaching all the forums and reading links, FAQ's, How to's.
I still cant find any infomation on how to find my network adaptor.
My network adaptor is (d-link dwa-140 rangebooster n usb adaptor). is this sufficent?
Im using backtrack 4 in VMware.
Vmware seems to detect it in the removable devices and is enabled.
My ethernet connection has been disabled both on the host and and VMware.
VM settings, network adaptor is currently on NAT.
so i open the shell konsole and type in the command (airmon-ng).I get nothing.
older posts in the forum seem to have inncorrect links.
Am i missing a steps somewhere?
Can anyone point me in the right direction?
I hope this is enough info for someone with more backtrack knowledge than me.