I'm trying to install BT4 on the harddrive of a IBM Thinkpad R31. Since it doesn't have a DVD, nor handles USB-boots I have tried to install BT4 manually, following this nice walktrough.
(using hda1-3... and I'm not using dual boot so forget the hda4)

So, to get the filesystem in (since I couldn't use DVD or boot from USB) I downloaded the BT4 DVD iso, copied the contents to a USB stick. Then I booted BT3 from a CD, mounted the USB, used unsquashfs to "unzip" the casper/filesystem.squashfs from that USB to another mounted USB...then from there I followed the walkthrough with copying everything to hda3...

I got an error on the last cmd; chroot /mnt/bt4/ /bin/bash that the command was not found, dunno if that would cause this error... anyway, I continued like nothing happened and added this to the menu.lst:

title BT4 Final
root (hd0,0)
kernel /vmlinuz root=/dev/hda3 rw vga=0x317
initrd /initrd.gz

When I boot it up and select "BT4 Final" in the grub list it starts out pretty good starting things up, then this error comes up:

*starting USB support
*starting PCMCIA CardBus support
*looking for data directory
Fatal error occured - BT3 data not found
You are maybe using an unsupported boot device (eg. SCSI or old PCMCIA).
Workaround: Copy the directory BT3 from your boot device to an IDE/SATA
dist, eg. to /mnt/hda1/BT3 or C:\BT3. Then try to boot again.

Is there some error with the installation? (well probably ;O) Anyways...all help is deeply appreciated!