Thanks for such a great tool, learning new tricks like a fiend!

Here is the problem; I've installed BT4 final using unetbootin-windows-442 onto a 16gb USB drive.
Right after installing I try to update using the command apt-get update then apt-get upgrade
it tells me that ~600mb will be used, I say ok go.

The upgrade fails with error 1, and I get a pop-up saying there is less than 1% free disk space.

I checked the USB partition using gpart and itsays only 1.49gb used, 13.57gb free.
I also checked using df -h and see that the rootfs is 99% used.

I reviewed the different methods of installing BT4 final including manually partitioning but don't see where I can specify a larger rootfs partition.

I re-installed BT4 again, this time looking for an option to increase the rootfs partition size and still nothing.

This has to be a common problem. Is BT4 too big for a 16gb USB drive, do I need a 32gb?