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Thread: Howto: Configure Network Cards

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    Default sudo wicd worked.

    Yes, I typed in sudo wicd and was successful. The only problem is when I do a capture and find of a key and then try to use this command it fails to load properly... Thanks for all the help everyone.

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    Default backtrack 4 prefinal

    H! I have to do the same in BT4PF ?


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    For connecting with an wep key using Netgearwg111v3, I had to use
    iwconfig wlan0 <[channel number]> <key> command. I found the channel number using airodump-ng wlan0 command and it was 1 on my router. However, I was unable to crack wep key with Netgearwg111v3 dongle. It is fitted with RTL8187 chipset. It fails to communicate with router using a fake authentication and so can not receive packets from it. Any suggestion regarding this problem will be highly appreciated.

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