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Thread: /ect/init.d/networking start not working

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    Default /ect/init.d/networking start not working

    Hi I'm running bt4 final on vmware. i tried to run /ect/init.d/networking start from a shell and i get message: no such file or directory. i dug into the ect file before posting since i am new to linux and bt4 and found init.d but the child file was network not networking. however when i tried to run /ect/init.d/network start i recieved the same error message as before. after hours of pulling my hair out trying to do something that probably has a very simple solution i decided to ask for some help here. Any advice would be GREATLY appriciated as i have been very interested in this os for some time ;}

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    Default Re: /ect/init.d/networking start not working

    You spelled it wrong.

    /etc/init.d/networking start
    Suggest you read the New to Linux sticky thread in the Beginners forum.
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    Default Re: /ect/init.d/networking start not working

    thank you very much lupin that took care of it... i will definitely read the entire sticky. much of what i have seen so far has been extremely enlightening. cheers

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    Default Re: /ect/init.d/networking start not working

    Hello iShine!
    If you want to use VirtualBox instead o VMware here is great video tutorial : Installing BackTrack 4 (Final) in VirtualBox.

    Credits to g0tmi1k .

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