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Thread: how to exploit windows 7?

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    Default how to exploit windows 7?

    dear sir,

    i would like to know, does anyone already know how to exploit the windows 7?


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    Default Re: how to exploit windows 7?


    You could take advantage of:
    • Vulnerabilities in the core Operating System and applications provided in a default install (search)
    • Vulnerabilities in installed third party applications
    • Flaws in the configuration of the Operating System and associated default services (e.g. weak passwords, insecure permissions, inappropriately exposed shares or services, etc)
    • Flaws in the configuration of third party applications (e.g. an Apache server running php code with insecure settings, database server with weak permissions/authentication, etc)

    You might want to ask a more specific question if you were expecting more detail than that.
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    Default Re: how to exploit windows 7?

    tks master lupin...

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