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Thread: Broadcom 802.11g network adaptor H3LP

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    Default Broadcom 802.11g network adaptor H3LP

    i have a Linksys Wireless-G PCI WMP54G but Broadcom 802.11g drivers work for it wich are : BCMWL6.SYS and vwifibus.sys is there anyway i can install these through vmware because i have windows 7 and i like to switch back and forth from both OS's so i can learn more thatnk you for your help

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    Default Re: Broadcom 802.11g network adaptor H3LP

    1. Don't post questions in the HowTo forum (I moved your post here)
    2. Read the FAQs. There is one about using built in wireless devices in virtual machines that may interest you.
    3. Windows hardware drivers won't work in Linux. Your options for a Broadcom card are the b43 driver or the Broadcom STA drivers. Search the forum, you should find a number of references to them a number of which have been made by me.
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