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Thread: Bypassing Firewalls in Ettercap + Wireshark

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    Default Bypassing Firewalls in Ettercap + Wireshark

    I was playing around with nifty Ettercap filters earlier tonight, I tried MITM attacks for several boxes in ma Local Network, But Ettercap failed to ARP Poison the boxes which had firewalls enabled. Same way i tried sniffing traffics in Wireshark and again the Wireshark failed to sniff traffics from the boxes which had firewalls enabled in it.
    and once more when i tried pawning one of my network machine via metasploit by using reverse connecting payload my backtrack4 host machine failed to connect to the victim because i had enabled firewall in backtrack(Host), but when i ufwdisabled, Victims machine successfully got connected to my listening netcat on port 3333. So i just wanted to know whether there is anyway we can bypass firewalls so we can run exploits and MITM attacks against the Local PC's. Thanks

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    Default Re: Bypassing Firewalls in Ettercap + Wireshark

    Setting aside the use of complicated methods that may allow you to sneak traffic through lame non-stateful firewalls, the ways to get around firewall filtering are actually pretty straightforward:
    • Turn off/reconfigure the firewall (This presumes you have the ability to run commands on the host performing the filtering. The Windows and Linux default firewalls can both be configured via use of the command line.)
    • Use traffic that is already allowed through the firewall (Some traffic is almost always allowed through a firewall, such as web traffic or DNS traffic. Make use of that to get your own traffic out, perhaps by tunneling/protocol encapsulation.)
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