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    Red"]hello lol im new at backtrack BUT i am not new to linux (am running ubuntu 9.10 karmic). and i want to learn backtrack but im not sure how to start it?

    heres what im stuck at:

    Boot BT from live CD,
    run buffer mode (the right buffer mode for my desktop)
    CD runs but where it loads the componants it stops at:

    BT@user or something?

    what should i do then? whats the login username and password?

    any help is appreciated and i have searched these forums but nothing came close to helping.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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    There is no possible way you searched these forums and didn't find the answer to this question. If I were you I would check out the faq.

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    If you don't know what
    means, then you need to stick with Ubuntu for a while. Also, all that red text makes my eyes bleed.

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