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Thread: Derive personal information from just a Username - Maltego?

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    Default Derive personal information from just a Username - Maltego?

    I am a student Private Investigator, and have recently been given this task. Our client gave us a username. For example JohnCubs2009 and a possible domain name, place of work, and first name.

    He wants us to find out who the person is. I think this is typical of the kind of information we tend to get in these types of cases (cheating spouse, online dating, etc.), so I am trying to "cut my teeth" on this case.

    Here is the work I've done so far. Would Maltego be a good tool to use? Please feel free to reply or PM with any tips or advice.

    - Google search for the username returns lots of links to dating / singles sites (AFF and whatnot) with the username, gender and same age.

    - Searching for that user name in Yahoo! profiles nets a result that matches gender and is close on age (a few years younger). Perhaps Yahoo! doesn't automatically update birthdays. I will check that.

    - Searching Namechk nets results for LiveJournal and Bebo. Subsequent search of LiveJournal says user does not exist. I still have to investigate Bebo.

    The suspect possibly works for a media company, so if I ever get ahold of some REAL information, I'm sure I'll find a blog or some online content.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Default Re: Derive personal information from just a Username - Maltego?

    This has nothing to do with BT. What's more if you are paying for the above education then you should get your money back.
    Your teacher/prof. should have taught you what you are asking.

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