Hello! I'm quite new to backtrack4 and linux, and I am trying to crack my WEP network - but I am collecting data packets FAR too slow. If somone could tell me what I am doing wrong, it would be very kind.

Here's what I did:

First, I changed my wireless card's mac address randomly. Then I started dumping to a file with airodump-ng (obviously, I specified the network's channel and BSSID). Then, while it was still dumping, I started various attacks, namely injection and fragmentation, and also FakeAuth. Whichever I tried, it made almost no difference in the number of packets coming in. It is very frustrating. After 15 minutes, I got about a 100 data packets. After 1 hour, I got a nice total of ZERO ARPs.

I tried an the injection test with aireplay, and it said it was working. 95%

At this rate, I would never crack it while I am still alive! And yet its supposed to be easy. I am very frustrated. Should I buy another wifi card and try it out? Thanks in advance!