ok what i am trying to do is boot from usb inside windows <easy:done> next i want to leave no tracks on the host <easy:done:sandbox> then i want to connect to my home pc while hiding all traffic from host and local ap's while i use it in some cases depending on were i use it i will be going thru a firewall <ie:school firewall proxy> i dont want anyone except me to know what I'm doing <network monitor:wire shark> <not that its illegal i just like privacy> so my idea is portable vbox with 2 vdi's on usb >> bt4 with local proxy >> ssh to second vbox >> second vbox is a linux firewall <ie:zeroshell> >> forward all ports to 56 <xerox> or something <to hide protocol <ie:https> from ids for encryption> >> vpn to my home pc and browse the web and access my media? not sure if i'm way off or not I am still a noob to advanced networking
any ideas would help cause i think i'm way off i overthink everything