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    i just installed backtrack 4 final release but i can't get internet on it and i have to learn a lot more before i can use it....
    i had first ubuntu 10.04 lts and did a partition(or something like that) of 66/33 ubuntu/backtrack
    but i can't run ubuntu anymore!!!
    i want to learn the basics with ubuntu but i can't now...
    so please help me
    i've already tried to use the boot-cd of ubuntu but i won't reconise him
    i don't know what to do please help me

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    The first thing you should do is re read the forum rules you agreed to when you signed up here, you have already broken one, see you PM box. The next thing you should do is read the FAQ that we compiled specifically to answer questions like this.

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    well, first of all thats a problem with ubuntu not w/ bt
    maybe try to install another bootloader
    like lillo or supergrub
    please do some research before listening to me (allthough it cant hart)because im new to this

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