My same AP that I am connecting to and works fine on my windows xp comp and windows 7 comp, I am not able to surf the internet on backtrack 4. It says that I am connected on the wicd manager. I can monitor internet activity with wireshark and sometimes nmap works, but I have to be really close to my router to get internet with this "long range" adapter on BT4. All of the aircrack-ng features work fine [B]except for deauthentication[B]. Airdrop -ng fails miserably with my Linksys WUSB54GC performing better as well aireplay-ng 0 sporadically working. I am using the pre-booted driver BT4 automatically assigns rtl8187 and have not many any modications. I have tried adjusting the txpower settings but they have not changed anything. I mean I literally have to be just a few feet from my router to work to be able to browse, and green LED light on the AWUS036H is not lit up. When running on windows it is constantly lit up and can browse internet easily with me being about a half-mile away from my ap on the golf course.

Any suggestions? Is your led on your alfa usually lit up when browsing in backtrack.