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Thread: Boot Win7 and Backtrack 4

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    Default Boot Win7 and Backtrack 4

    hi all
    (sorry for my bad english)
    i would install backtrack 4 in my pc with win7, but when i put the disk into my pc and i choose from the boot menu "cd\dvd\bd" or "Removal device" ( because i have an Alienware M11x that doesn't have any cd dvd reader so i have to use an external device) it happens nothing or it tells me that an error occured (so i have to go with windows) or Operating system not found. I've checked these things: the md5 file is ok, the iso burner software is ok and the external device is ok. I've tried the same thing with ubuntu and it runs well so the problem is only with backtrack. Plz help me soon!
    thanks to all!

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    Default Re: Boot Win7 and Backtrack 4

    Try using a usb stick.

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