Hey everyone.
I'm new to Backtrack and Linux and just starting to understand the basics.
Anyway, when experimenting with crunch i got an error message:

1Error renaming file. Status = -1 Code = 2
The problem is = No such file or directory

What I typed in was just:

root@bt:/pentest/passwords/crunch# ./crunch 1 4 -o wordlist.txt

Any idea what happened here?

Btw, typing
root@bt:/pentest/passwords/crunch# ./crunch 1 4 | pyrit -e Kreta -i - -r /Kreta/wpa2-01.cap attack_passthrough

just gives me a

Picked AccessPoint 00:1a:2a:55:17:00 automatically...
Tried 0 PMKs so far; 0 PMKs per second.

Password was not found.

It doesn't seem to receive any wordlist data what matches the error above.