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Thread: The Legality of This Issue

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    Default The Legality of This Issue

    Before I get started here, I would like to say that this is theoretical, and not reality.
    I have a problem with my flash drives. I often lose them(or people steal them, I don't know.) Now, I know it would be illegal to run any code on another person's computer, but what about if I had a script that would autorun when the flashdrive is inserted into a Windows Machine? Even though I wrote the code, does it qualify as the other person knowingly running the code?

    All I'd want to do is have a CMD window open up, saying "This is a lost flash drive that the original owner cared very dearly about. He doesn't care so much about the flash drive itself, he just wants to get his data back. Please contact him at..." And then a Press any key to continue. After the key is pressed, just run the command shutdown -s, to display a dialog saying the computer will be shut down in 30 seconds.
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    Default Re: The Legality of This Issue

    This has nothing to do with BT. However if you can show me per PM where this ties to BT then we can probably open this back up.
    We are not lawyers or legal experts so it might be a good idea to ask a lawyer instead.

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