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Thread: Keyboard doesn't work in GUI

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    Default Keyboard doesn't work in GUI

    Hey, I'm new to backtrack and linux in general and have just installed BT4 to dual boot with windows 7 pro. My PS/2 keyboard worked fine after the initial installation and while using live CD's before that. I was reading forums on how to insert drivers for wireless cards and may have botched a driver installation. Immediately after, my keyboard stopped being recognized in the gui (don't know what its called, KDE I think?) The weird thing is my keyboard will work properly in the start-up command line, allowing me to type in my user name, password, and startx to start the gui. However once in the gui keyboard becomes unresponsive with one exception. I can hold ctrl and click left mouse button to select multiple items. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide me.

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    Default Re: Keyboard doesn't work in GUI

    Might want to either try searching google for info on keyboards and ubuntu or re-do your setup.

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    Default Re: Keyboard doesn't work in GUI

    Same as OP here ! It all worde just fine and suddenly stopped working while in Konsole. Ctrl key still working along mouse to select multiple icons as well...

    Anyone on this ?

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