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Thread: Mobile device requirements

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    Question Mobile device requirements

    I am specing out a prototype handheld device in which I will be using Backtrack 4 for systems testing purposes. However I am not seeing any specific systems requirements. As I am ordering parts (specifically the processor and ram for the device, I need to know if the Atmel AT91SAM9M10 processor (significantly cheaper) or another processor (snapdragon or similar mobile processor which have much less information or are not easily available).

    Do we have a set of system requirements? What I am looking for at basic is as follows:
    Is 400mhz processor possibly able to run BT4?
    What would be the advised ram? (1gig?)

    Thank you for your time.

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    Default Re: Mobile device requirements

    You will likely find more or better suited answers by searching ubuntu forums or websites.
    You will need to look at Ubuntu 8.10

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