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Thread: AUSA EEEPC 900HA Works perfect!

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    Default AUSA EEEPC 900HA Works perfect!

    Everything is Ok!

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    Unhappy Re: AUSA EEEPC 900HA Works perfect!

    I have the 1000ha evrything works, But i also boght 1005pe and nothing works, The Intel GMA-3150 no x servers work vga etc.
    Checked all forums and asus site, someone said to updae the invidia drivers and bios, The chipset is video on chip,also lan,wireless dont work,Backtrack 4 final wont run, final works on sun virtual box but lan and wifi dont work. any insite would be epreciated.

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    Default Re: AUSA EEEPC 900HA Works perfect!



    This works, but it only puts the res on 800x600, I am trying to work out how to get 1024x600, not luck yet.

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