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Thread: installing dkms

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    Default installing dkms

    I've installed bt4 final on virtual box. I'm trying to install the guest addition for it but I first need dkms.
    With command "apt-get install dkms" I get this error message.

    dkms: Depends: linux-headers but it is not installable

    I saw a similiar post (I think) on this forum but it was in Spanish so...
    Could someone point me in the right direction?

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    Default Re: installing dkms

    I dont have dmks installed...

    root@bt:/media/dvd$ apt-cache search dkms
    dkms - Dynamic Kernel Module Support Framework
    root@bt:/media/dvd$ dpkg --list | grep dkms
    ...and I just installed the Guest Additions like so:

    (Actually an update of the Guest Additions, but same deal.)

    Select "Install Guest Additions..." from the Devices menu on your BT4 VirtualBox window, then
    root@bt:/media/dvd$ mount /dev/dvd3 /media/dvd
    mount: block device /dev/hdc is write-protected, mounting read-only
    root@bt:/media/dvd$ ./
    Verifying archive integrity... All good.
    Uncompressing VirtualBox 3.1.6 Guest Additions for Linux........
    VirtualBox Guest Additions installer
    Removing installed version of VirtualBox Guest Additions...
    Building the VirtualBox Guest Additions kernel modules
    Building the main Guest Additions module ...done.
    Building the shared folder support module ...done.
    Building the OpenGL support module ...done.
    Doing non-kernel setup of the Guest Additions ...done.
    You should restart your guest to make sure the new modules are actually used
    Installing the Window System drivers
    Installing X.Org Server 1.5 modules ...done.
    Setting up the Window System to use the Guest Additions ...done.
    You may need to restart the hal service and the Window System (or just restart
    the guest system) to enable the Guest Additions.
    Installing graphics libraries and desktop services components ...done.
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    Default Re: installing dkms

    I've searched the forum and couldn't find anything else, so...
    i need to install dkms in order to install drivers for a macbook.
    I've got the same problem as mikyfinn.

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