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Thread: Help me, I'm Lost !

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    Default Help me, I'm Lost !

    Hey everybody.
    i have downloaded BT4 to a Sun virtualbox. I works fine, but I can't load up my network. I mean, when I type Airmon-ng - it dosen't show anything?

    I have tried Dhclient Wlan0 - but it say No such thing as Wlan0
    And when I enter Wired manager -- it shows nothing.
    I have a Netgear WNA1100 USB adapter, will it work ?

    Can somebody help me?

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    Default Re: Help me, I'm Lost !

    Please use a more descriptive title for your post!!

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    you won't get your network card (wifi,NIC) up by running ,,airmon-ng,, command.
    See FAQ first, that's my hint.
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    Case sensitive?

    Again what are you trying to achieve?
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    ifconfig -a //shows all your adapters
    airmon-ng start adapter

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