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Thread: BackTrack 4 + MacBook Dual Boot-Need bootloader help

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    Question BackTrack 4 + MacBook Dual Boot-Need bootloader help

    This being my first post and a potential FAQ, I hope to avoid ridicule for this.

    That being said.

    Hello all,
    My goal is to dual boot OS X and BT4

    Why not just use the LiveDVD/VMWare/etc?
    Well because I don't want to.
    Virtualization would be a good option if I had a dedicated desktop machine but being that this laptop is my only computer I would prefer to be able to boot one OS at a time. (i'm sure i don't need to explain why, the advantages should be obvious)

    I'm stuck at the bootloader stage, I have BT4 manually installed, I just can't boot it.

    My partition table is


    That's it, I deleted the EFI partition in hopes of creating a boot partition in its place however I have been unsuccessful.

    From research online it appears my options(for running BT4) are as follows:
    Install GRUB2/or equivalent bootloader
    BootloaderCD (I've seen small bits of info suggesting maybe I could have a disc that I boot from which can in turn recognize and boot BT4.)

    I'm hoping someone will be able to shed light into this situation as it appears every install is unique in certain ways etc.

    My ultimate goal is to have a bootable HD install of BT4, even if it requires me to have a disk inserted first to boot. I've had a bootable install of Ubuntu before but couldn't tell you the steps I took to get there.

    Thanks for your time.

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    You didn't had to delete the EFI partition. If you want a dual boot on mac you need to use this : rEFIt - An EFI Boot Menu and Toolkit

    after instaling the refit boot loader for mac you need to go to : and chose your mac version. and folow the steps to installing even if it's for ubuntu (backtrack is a ubuntu based OS)

    You'll need to make a new partition for backtrack and install grub on that partition. Refit will help you at startup to switch between the 2 OS. Don't forget that mac doesn't have a BIOS and that's why you need refit.

    Hope this helps

    To repair the problem at it is .. you'll need to install grub on the sda3 and after add to the grub the mac OS root partition so you'll be able to access both from the grub menu.
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    Default Re: BackTrack 4 + MacBook Dual Boot-Need bootloader help

    I attempted to follow every guide i'd come across online and haven't been able to get it to work.
    about five days ago however i figured it out:

    i did all my partitioning in gparted (booting from the BT4 LiveDVD)
    then install the files by doing the manual cp and filesystem making via command line from the LiveDVD
    Lastly I had refit already but I installed the bootloader in BT4 on the partition that Backtrack4 was on(in my case /dev/sda3 assuming 1 is efi and 2 is os x).
    cleaned up the tables in refit and its booted fine ever since.

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