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Thread: Help with DECnet node address

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    Red face Help with DECnet node address

    Hello guys am new here and also anewbie to the Linux world itself, I just Installed Backtrack 4 on my PC and then when I try to update its component after downloading them I get the following message when the update is been configured.

    All nodes on a DECnet network have a node address. This is two numbers │
    │ separated with a period (e.g. 3.45) where the first number denotes the │
    │ area and the second is the node within that area. │
    │ │
    │ Do not make up a number here. If you do not know your DECnet node │
    │ address then ask your system administrator.

    and the a a box asking me for DECnet node address

    │ DECnet node address:
    please I need your help to get my DECnet node address

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    Default Re: Help with DECnet node address

    Some one asked the exact same question here

    you have to ask yourself ..or google what is decnet and do i need it otherwise do yourself a favor and just go in to synaptic and search for "dnet" and uninstall it
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