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Thread: Esearchy - how to install

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    Default Esearchy - how to install

    Esearchy-NG is a Ruby gem that can work independently or as a library for other programs to work with. It is capable of searching the internet for email addresses. It not only uses Google and Linkedin, but also Bing, Yahoo, Google Groups and AltaVista! In addition to the above, it searches not only on PGP servers, but also on Usenet, and LDAP servers. It just does not stop at that. It can also search for email addresses inside .pdf, .docx, .xlsx, .pptx, asn and .txt files! This is a complete feature list:
    Search engines:

    * Google
    * Bing
    * Yahoo
    * AltaVista

    Social Engines:

    * LinkedIn
    * Google Profiles
    * Naymz
    * Classmantes
    * Spoke
    * JigSaw
    * Ziggs
    * Plaxo

    Other Engines:

    * PGP servers
    * Usenets
    * GoogleGroups Search
    * Spider
    * LDAP

    ESearchy-NG it also looks for emails inside the following file types:

    * PDF
    * DOC
    * DOCX
    * XLSX
    * PPTX
    * ODT
    * ODP
    * ODS
    * ODB
    * ASN
    * TXT

    Now, since it has so many functionalities, it’s pre-requisites are as follows: ruby 1.8 or 1.9, cgi, pdf/reader, json, spidr, ldap, rubyzip. It can support .DOC files on Windows only if MS Word is installed or any other .DOC file processing software is installed.


    I tried to a lot of ways - unfortunately... I will be grateful for every help.

    Best Regards


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    Default Re: Esearchy - how to install

    Are you asking for help installing this or what ? I mean it states "how to install" in your thread title but it is not "how-to".
    You also mention "I tried to a lot of ways - unfortunately... I will be grateful for every help. " So is this your question or what ?
    If you are trying to install this why not seek out the people who created it for guidance, or help?

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    Default Re: Esearchy - how to install

    Sorry for my bad English. I need help with installation (not just me.) I tried alone, but after installation, when trying to launch the program shows the errors.

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