Hey guys,

i just got my new laptop and I wanted it to make tripple Boot.

I installed
Win7 (sta1 and sta2) and then
Ubuntu 10.04(sta3=/boot,hd4(extended)(sda5=swap,sda6=/) then I installed
BackTrack4 with the supplyed install.sh on sda7(also extended)
and sda8 is my data hd (also extended)

but Backtrack wont start on any of the Grub entrys (the last one was added by myself same error as on all)

I get the error: WARNING: Couldn't open directory /lib/modules/2.6.32-21-generic: no such file or directory

that is my Ubuntu Kernel Version. I am Lost

Attached my grub.cfg and some info about the /boot on sda7 (BT hd)

PS: Ubuntu works fine


PPS: I use grub from Ubuntu