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Thread: Problem with Airdrop-ng & Airodump-ng

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    Default Problem with Airdrop-ng & Airodump-ng

    Has anyone had this issue? When i run airodump-ng and airdrop-ng together (like you have to), i find that after a few moments airodump decides to totally stop and eventually clears all the available AP's from its window. Then if i try and take mon0 out of monitor mode, it wont and i have to totally reboot. This happens everytime, is it because i really need two cards?

    I am using the Alfa awus036h 1000mw.

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    Default Re: Problem with Airdrop-ng & Airodump-ng

    No you dont need 2 cards, is this only happening when you are running airdrop as well ?

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    Default Re: Problem with Airdrop-ng & Airodump-ng

    Problem Solved i came across this thread and all was sorted


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