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Thread: No GPU cores with pyrit

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    Default No GPU cores with pyrit

    Hi all,

    Has anyone succesfully bind his GPU cores with a Nvidia Quadro FX 770M?
    When I run "pyrit list_cores" I only see my CPU cores, no GPU cores.
    The hardware around the graphics cards is an HP 8530w.
    I have installed the nvidia drivers, and I see the Nvidia splash screen when I startx.
    dmesg shows some nvidia lines too, so the card is recognised.
    All ideas are welcome!


    EDIT: My knowledge of how CUDA works is limited, so I don't know if this can/should happen, but is it possible it doesn't show cores for GPU's currently in use? (By X for instance).
    If if this is true, is the splash screen (I did fix-splash after install to HD) or even the console usage enough for the cores to be in use?
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