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how would i go about updateing the index page . . i have played around with your SITM also looks good so far, i went to your google code page. i would really like to get this script to work while waiting for SITM to be complete
Open index.php it in text editor of your choosing.
Sorry but as I've said, Ilm not working on metasploit-fakeUpdate anymore, as it's been discontinued.

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i think you mis understood me. its not like i even get the browser to redirect to the correct page. as soon as i open my web browser or go to a site thats not cached a save file dialog box opens with a 1 kb file in it that dosent open in anything. if i go to facebook.com ittl go open a file called facebook_com something like that. and everypage you go to after that will not redirect you to the fake index.php on my apache server.
Sounds like the apache config is wrong. I can remember this happening with another script a while back - however, I dont remember the fix off the top of my head.