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I am actually having the same issue I had with previous scripts, which led me to apply the whole thing manually, which I am certainly not opposed to, but the scripts you make, GotM1ilk, are quite nice and I do enjoy the way they are coded, quite nice work.

My issue is that once the "target" downloads the file, and a response on my BTBOX acknowledges that the application has been run and sending stage, it just gets stuck there.

Using the VNC tool for the file to upload.
You ARE opposed to do this manually BEFORE running this script (or any script for that matter!). The reason is because, you'll have a better idea what is happening/understanding. The script is only meant to save time for people that know whats what.

A few people are having this issue....
Are you running in VM?
Try and do the attack without doing MITM. Does it then work?
Which OS are you running (attacker and target)?
Whats happening if you look using Wireshark?