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having a problem
my setup bt4 final VM with current updates
xp pro with all updates

now do I set the interface (wlan0 in my case) and that is it?
I have tested it with my windows 7 box and got a 404 not found error page but my xp box does nothing, can still surf.

update I was using vnc but switched back to sbd and now my xp box has the 404 not found.
If your target is connected to you on wlan0, then use wlan0!
Have you check the arp table on the targets?
Are you trying to attack a computer which is hosting the VM? I had problems when doing this. Try in another VM, or a whole new PC.

and when you say "404" error, what URL are you trying to view? Because it only works with top level domain. You will need to modify apahce2 I believe if you want it to work with sub-domains, subfolders kinda deal! *its on the to-do list*