just got this beast (WUSB600N V2 with ralink rt3572 chipset) monitoring/injecting like a charm under backtrack 4 final running on vmware

follow this french guide for rt2070/rt3070 (translate with google):

Crack-wpa.fr FORUM / Installer Drivers RALINK RT3070 sous Ubuntu pour l'injection !

with a notes mentioned here for "rt3070v2-next" branch

Please Help! With AWUS036NH RT2800 Driver Under uNetBootin USB BackTrack 4f

do not forget to blacklist what has to be blacklisted - see the guide for a precompiled kernel in the same thread a couple off messages above (but I think you will have to compile the kernel yourself instead of using the precompiled version)

during kernel configuration ('make menuconfig') i have ONLY selected <M> for "Ralink rt2800 (USB) support (EXPERIMENTAL)" and "{*}" for "rt2800usb - Include support for unknown (USB) drivers"

before compiling the package, ensure to fix 2 minor issues, mentioned in the same thread a couple of messages below

I also had to download and extract rt3071.bin firmware (yeah, looks more than strange - rt3572 chipset, working with rt2800 driver and rt3071 firmware ) from Debian's firmware-ralink 0.24 staging package here:

Debian -- Details of package firmware-ralink in sid

and voila!

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