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Thread: APT-GET fails

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    Default APT-GET fails

    hi all, i have been using backtrack 4 for a while now but all of a sudden Synaptics and all Apt-get fail with an error code stating that

    reading state infomation ...error
    and E: read error - read (5 input/output error)

    it works when booting from my pen stick just not the harddrive install, i have tried copying the APT folder from the pen drive to the harddrive but still no good. has anybody had this before? if so how can it be fixed>

    thanks in advance


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    Default Re: APT-GET fails

    Try again, making sure that networking is working and if it still presents a problem try posting your apt-sources file.

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    Default Re: APT-GET fails

    managed to get it sorted out in the end.

    it turned out to be a missing folder in "var/lib/apt/lists directory.

    copied it over from the pen drive and its all sorted

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