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Thread: HP dv7-1245dx Works well!

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    Default HP dv7-1245dx Works well!

    I have been using Backtrack 4 for about 3 months, with very little linux knowledge. I installed backtrack 4 dual boot with Windows 7, couldn't get the atheros 5007 wireless nic that's built in to work. Finally I tried usb live persistent boot, and it works for packet injection and monitor mode just fine. The problem seems to be with windows 7 using the red/blue wireless "button" at the top of the computer. If blue then works well, if red when shutdown and restarted into backtrack it doesn't work. I hope this helps someone. Thanks for your time.

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    Default Re: HP dv7-1245dx Works well!

    what steps did you use to dual boot. Did you get any no screen errors? I can't boot the DVD on my DV7-3160us.

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    Default Re: HP dv7-1245dx Works well!

    I was trying to look into that as well. I found that the problem was exactly what you said it was and that there was a way to use some program (bindxconfig or something like that)....I know, someone will come in and correct me on the name but yeah, it was because the button at the top (touch wireless button) would have the wireless disabled until windows booted up. If you did get the wireless (built-in) to work could you please post how you got it to work. I have a hp dv5 1235dx myself and still have not got it to work. Thanks for the post btw.

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