I picked up my Toshiba NB305-310 the other day and was kind of weary about whether BT4 Final would install and whether or not the wireless would work (nevertheless have injection work). Anyways, not to bore you but everything seems to be setup perfect. I installed BT4 and was only able to get to TEXT MODE. Once I looked up a few things,

I found that the [fixvesa] command actually allowed me to get into the windows x environment. Also, the builtin wireless runs an atheros chipset and works out of the box (plain old wireless)

***for those of you who may be confused, I have yet to test the monitoring and injection yet but I will be doing so soon. In the mean time, everything is working great so far***

Anyways, I'm using a belkin FD7050 which from what I seen online, will support monitoring and packet injection. I'll try and make it a habit to update this post reasonably.