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Thread: How do I get to konsole?

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    Default How do I get to konsole?

    Well I have a BackTrack 4 in a DVD so I use that to get into backtrack 4. Once I get to the starting menu I press f9 load Back Track 4. Then I get the BackTrack 4 starting menu to choose which i want to load graphical mode and some other choices such as testing and screen resolution and memory stuff like that so I choose the First Choice 1000 x 900 somthing then I get this screen where there is a Outer Layer designed with BackTrack 4 and a Inner Box which has all the writing in it where it loads things and you can use commands. What I want is to get the the Konsole Screen where you can open multiple windows such as aircrack and stuff like that even though the Outer with Inner Layer is usable with commands and such like that I am not able to open multiple windows unlike the Konsole so what do I do?

    I have been trying to figure this out I was trying the login and password thing root/toor which doesnt work in the Inner and Outer Layer Screen.

    So My question is How do I get to the Konsole Screen? Where I can open applications such as firefox and other options such as aircrack

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    Default Re: How do I get to konsole?

    How do you start the GUI you mean? Check the FAQ forum, there is an entry covering this there.
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