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Thread: 802.11 beacon frame

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    Default 802.11 beacon frame

    Let's say I captured a beacon frame.
    in the parameters section the supported rates are listed.

    If this section lists only 802.11b rates, does that mean that I captured 802.11b packets and there may be 802.11a/g/n packets?

    or does it mean that it is an 802.11b only device?
    see frame below:


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    Default Re: 802.11 beacon frame

    The AP is "advertising" which data rates it supports via the Beacon Frame. Your packet sniffing software (airodump-ng, kismet, wireshark, whatever) is not selective in what it "hears" coming from the AP so if you captured a complete beacon frame then you have the whole story that AP is telling you about the data rates it supports in the Beacon frame. If you only got 802.11b rates, thats all the AP supports.

    It would have been more helpful if you would have sent a screen capture of the supported rates segment of wireshark as opposed to pasting the hex...

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