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Thread: Alpha 1000 works great -- install GrimWepa process?

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    Default Alpha 1000 works great -- install GrimWepa process?

    I finally got my Alpha 1000 today and its pretty nice. The AR5009 on the laptop was simply too much trouble for my stage of learning. I am on a VM anyway so I needed a USB wireless.

    I am able to attack my WEP router pretty easy using the old cryptic aircrack command lines as per the guides. Breaking the key was about 5 minutes going the command line route.

    I am having issues with the "out of the box" programs included in BT4. Specifically the Gerix tool doesn't seem to work very well for me. All the steps appear to work fine but the injection rate is not there. I stop the program when the aireplay packets are not responding or injecting (I am monitoring the sniffing). Sometimes I keep trying new packet attempts and eventually it MAY start injecting. Once it starts injecting the IV's fly off at 500ps and its a couple seconds maybe a minute until I get 30K to run aircrack.

    For some reason when I go the command line route it works every single time. I only enter the bssid and never the essid and it works fine through all the steps when done manually. But --- manually is a little bit of a pain. I have been doing command line all day and its sort of fun but its slow and tedious.

    OK so now the question: I want to load Grimwepa and I have read the thread down in the Experts forum but I am still slightly confused. Here is what I have so far. I have downloaded the script and the installer and they are sitting on my windows desktop. I would like to put them on a flash drive and then install Grim Wepa from the flash and NOT have to use any network connection yet. Baby steps!!

    This is the thread I referenced:

    Can someone "water down" the steps I need to take to use the script and installer and place GrimWepa in my BT4 VM setup ------ without using any internet yet? Please.

    I want to build a perfectly clean Linux OS and then I'll copy it so that I can always come back to an "internet virgin" and start over.

    Thanks George

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    Default Re: Alpha 1000 works great -- install GrimWepa process?

    Gerix wifi cracer doesnt work every time. But if you can use commandlice, where you need a gui.

    To install grimwpa go to grimwepa - Project Hosting on Google Code download and grimwpa_1.0.jar to your desktop (in BT4 /root/ ) in BT4 you are probably are root, if not use "sudo su".

    then type in commandline
    chmod +x
    ./ install
    and answer those questions.

    Now you are installed grimwpa.

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    Default Re: Alpha 1000 works great -- install GrimWepa process?

    That worked like a champ. It was very easy to download the items in windows and place them on a flash drive and then copy them to the linux desktop.

    Ran your command line and it installed in a snap. Grimwepa isn't perfect but it works well for some things.

    Thank you for the suggestion and help.

    I'll bet several other newbie's will benefit from this thread. Installing GrimWepa from the BT4 desktop at root is sooooooooooo easy using these command lines

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