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Thread: WIRED conection will not conect... :/

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    Default WIRED conection will not conect... :/

    Hello. I would still consider myself fairly new to Backtrack and the linux scene. I have a IMB thinkpad t40 had a lcd issue. Before i had the lcd issue the wired connection on it would work fine. Then my lcd died, but i didnt know it at first. So since it was an old (but dependable) laptop i cracked it open to check out the inside. turns out it was a loose connection to the screen. so i fixed it and everything is all dandy except when i go to connect it to in the internet with a wire. Im pretty sure my backtrack recognizes it but when i go to connect, it is just stuck on "obtaining ip address" and i cannot get it to connect. Also i tried using my dwl-g650 wireless cardbus adapter to connect but i figure i need a the driver and im not to sure about install the driver (as in i dont know how lol). my goal is to be able to install the madwifi driver for the card so i can do pen testing. but without Internet conection i cannot run the script. can someone please help me? i am going to have to type the specs that you ask for since it is on another laptop and i see no other way to obtain it. i guess i can try copy and pasting the specs and moving it through a usb.

    well i figured it out. i gave up on the computer obtaining the ip so i obtained it for it (static ip). all is well, except now can anyone explain why this happened?
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    Default Re: WIRED conection will not conect... :/

    I think your laptop tried to obtain an IP automatically from DHCP server (router or whatever you connect ethernet cable to) simply said.

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