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Thread: backtrack on ps3?

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    Default backtrack on ps3?

    hi guys,

    i have YDL on my playstation 3 but i would much prefer backtrack.

    is it possible to put backtrack onto the ps3?

    i want to take advantage of the ps3 processor to crack passwords with bactrack.

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    Default Re: backtrack on ps3?

    Why not just load the tools itself rather than the entire BT OS?

    I am assuming that installation of BT on PS3 will be similar to installing Ubuntu on PS3, which they have documents online for. Perhaps install Ubuntu, then load the tools you need.

    Looks like someone already asked this:
    Backtrack on PS3? - Remote Exploit Forums

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    Default Re: backtrack on ps3?

    Good luck, we will not be helping you with this. Further more there are threads on the subject.

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