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Thread: Conky at startup.

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    Default Conky at startup.

    Ok guys I configured conky and I tried to make is run when I startup my PC only there is a small problem:

    I make a script:
    sleep 10 && conky;
    save it as ./ in /etc/init.d then add it to startup with update-rc.d but when I enter the splash screen it saies something like "Conky can't start display".

    I think that I spend more than 10 seconds during login (in the splash-screen) and Conky can't start. Is there any way to make it start only after I run startx ?
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    Default Re: Conky at startup.

    You cant start conky until X is started so you would have to add conky& to your .bashrc file

    also make sure to use the & to background the proccess

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    Default Re: Conky at startup.

    linux 101 Just follow purehate advice or find a folder named Autostart (use your search fu) and create there a soft link to your script.
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