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    Default no handshake

    i tryed cracking WEP and WPA key's without succes.. i dont find any handshake
    my wirless card is atheros ath9k. i can inject and monitor it has been tested.

    aireplay-ng -9 wlan0

    16:29:41 wlan0 channel: 4
    16:29:41 Trying broadcast probe requests...
    16:29:41 Injection is working!
    16:29:42 Found 1 APs

    16:29:42 Trying directed probe requests...
    16:29:42 00:1CF:88:18:6f - channel: 4 - 'thuis'

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    Default Re: no handshake

    You have not given sufficient information on what you have tried to get a response which would be able to help you.

    Post what you have tried together with your commands.

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