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Thread: Theotrical Utorrent "hack"

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    Default Theotrical Utorrent "hack"

    After messing around with Evilgrade, I was wondering,
    Would it be possible to do the same thing with utorrent, and/or any torrent kind of program?
    For example, the user would be running utorrent and downloading a file. Then, the DNS/ARP spoofing would kick in, forcing the user to complete the download from the local server which would then give them, (in place of the file) a back-door/command shell spawning program?

    also, for those having trouble with dns spoofing in combination with evilgrade, when you edit the dns_spoof plugin, use the wildcard, to spoof ALL dns queries. worked well for me.

    * A (your ip address)

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    Default Re: Theotrical Utorrent "hack"

    You'd have to be able to insert your code (application) at a very specific location in the data stream in order to not corrupt the file(s) and actually have it execute or you'd have to be able to intercept/replace the initial request(s). I'm pretty sure the majority of clients do some sort of integrity checking (i.e.: initial checksum from sources and checksum on completed transfer etc) so inserting data or altering the file might be impossible (unless you could also intercept/replace the info for such a check).
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