Hello all! I need some help.

I have tried to install BT4 on my Macbook, and i do know howto install linux but i have some problems getting BT4 up and running.

rEFIt is up and running, i have tried to make a bootcamp partition, booted the live CD (with rEFIt synch and without) and installed BT on the new partition with the guided installation on sda3 and made the bootloader on sda3.

I realy dont know what i am doing wrong, do i have to manualy formmat the bootcamp partion with fdisk and make a linux partition on sda3 and maby a swap drive..

but will the installer work? or will it make a two new partitions anyway even if i make a new linux+swap partition..

I only need a short guide, not needed to overexplain.

I also know about VMware, but i want it as an hardboot install!