ok this is the case

1. I have a Wifi Pineapple v2 that is running static on ( Jasager, La Fonera 2100)
2. I have a laptop HP Pavilion ZE2000 running Backtrack 4

The Pineapple is connected to my laptop via the WAN to LAN port with a Cat5 cable

Wifi pineapple (from HAK5) is running on Openwrt and Karma

1. The laptop is configured with Broadcom b43xx drivers that work great with Aircrack-ng and all other BT4 features, injection and such.

I can easy connect to my Netgear AP at home so that I know is working just fine.

Then I do

ifconfig eth0 up

ok, now I can ping with positiv result, log into the wifi pineapple though browser and get the openwrt interface.

Here is the problem

The wifi pineapple should be working as a "man in the middle" capturing clients as they send out probes asking "is my home network around" - Wifi pineapple should then answer "yes i am" and then connect the client to Internett allowing me to capture data as the man in the middle..

Now, what happens is that when eth0 is connected and wicd shows wired is connected, all clients connected to the Wifi pineapple does not get an internet connection, not all that strange as there is no internet connection running on the laptop.

When I do then connect via wicd with wlan0 to my Netgear (access point with internet) the pineapple gets disconnected somehow..

What I need to know, how do I go about setting my Backtrack up so that I can use wlan0 in order to get online, and then have the eth0 connected wifi pineapple to use that internet connection..

As far as I know, the Backtrack laptop should then be a dhcp server handing out ip to all clients that connect via the pineapple?

Do I need either a dhcp server, a bridged solution or a vhub running to get a ICS for both eth0 and wlan0???

Hope anyone can answer and solve this issue for me..