I took the development release for a spin - VirtIO not working, so it's not possible to run BT in a KVM/VirtIO virtual environment

Backtrack must be one of the only Linux distributions left, which doesn't support VirtIO out-of-the-box. Ubuntu/Fedora/CentOS/OpenSuse/ArchLinux/[lots of other distributions] all supports VirtIO out-of-the-box, to allow installation onto virtual VirtIO block devices, use of VirtIO NICs, etc.

Essentially, these are the missing modules:
  • CONFIG_VIRTIO_PCI=m (Virtualization -> PCI driver for virtio devices)
  • CONFIG_VIRTIO_BALLOON=m (Virtualization -> Virtio balloon driver)
  • CONFIG_VIRTIO_BLK=m (Device Drivers -> Block -> Virtio block driver)
  • CONFIG_VIRTIO_NET=m (Device Drivers -> Network device support -> Virtio network driver)
  • CONFIG_VIRTIO=m (automatically selected)
  • CONFIG_VIRTIO_RING=m (automatically seleced)

There is no disadvantage in enabling these modules, it will not conflict with Vmware or other modules.

The modules should also be included in the initramfs to allow booting from VirtIO block devices.

It would be highly appreciated if you could fix this, I'll be more than happy to help out with testing if you need a tester...