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... Is there a way to activate the rt2800pci driver instead?
After I built/installed all the modules myself I was able to load the rt2800pci module, but it didn't see the Alfa. But the rt2800usb module did. I also needed to put a copy of the rt2870.bin in /lib/firmware-2.6.34-rc6 before I could issue airmon-ng wlanX against it.

I'm not sure if my apt-get dist-upgrade worked right or what. I was missing most/all my modules. I unpacked the linux-source-2.6.34-rc6 in /usr/src and copied the /proc/config.gz over to rebuild it.

I am now able to put the "Ralink Technology, Corp. RT2870 Wireless Adapter" in monitor mode and fire up airodump-ng. But it doesn't show anything.. I had this problem with the before I upgraded. I'm worried its a hardware failure. I had it working about a week ago on the kernel. I'll verify its not hardware before I go any further with it.

NOTE: I am rebuilding my kernel with HID support as a module. I'm not sure how it was built with the kernel, but that might be what is causing problems with my touch screen. But it will be a few hours before my poor little Atom will finish the build.