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Thread: Pls back-track ppl help me.

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    Exclamation Pls back-track ppl help me.

    I m traying to hack some WEP keys with this YouTube tutorial


    On first step i tape "airodump-ng wlan0"

    And tutorial say i need to get this :


    But i get something similar i get same screen but without second part of the screen
    i mean i see my user name and my wireles with name, chanel, BSSID and all things

    I m trying to crack my own wireles.

    But in second part od the screen under :

    BSSID STATION PWR Rate Lost Packets Probes

    i dont see nothing. like on this video he see 4 line probably 4 users who are on that wirles.

    ok then i go on 2 step i tape

    airodump-ng -w wep -c (Channel) --bssid (BSSID) eth1
    And now in 2 step all go good i get same like on you tube video i get this


    Then 3 step i close first konsole and tape [B]"aireplay-ng -3 -b (BSSID) eth1"
    Then in video he get this

    But i get this

    No source mac (-h) specified. Using the device MAC (00:13:CE4:13:AD)
    11:14:43 Waiting for beacon frame (BSSID: 00:05:59:21E:22) on chanel 7

    11:14:45 Sending Authentication Request (Open System)

    11:14:47 Sending Authentication Request (Open System)

    11:14:49 Sending Authentication Request (Open System)

    11:14:51 Sending Authentication Request (Open System)

    11:14:53 Sending Authentication Request (Open System)

    and after few more same lines i get

    11:15:13 Sending Authentication Request (Open System)
    Attack was unsuccessful. posisible reasons:

    * Perhaps MAc address filtering is enabled.
    * Check that the BSSID (-a opition) is correct
    * Try to change the number of packets (-o option).
    * The driver/card doesn`t support injection.
    * This attack sometimes fails against some APs
    * The card is not on the same channel as the AP.
    * You are to far from the AP. Get close, or lower the transmit rate.

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    Default Re: Pls back-track ppl help me.

    Aircrack-ng is telling you the problem.
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    Default Re: Pls back-track ppl help me.

    What a title ! Very clear ! You've nearly succeeded in making me think you've got a problem

    Well know what you are doing, read what aircrack-ng is displaying and all should be fine... By the way, you've seen that WEP isn't strong enough. All you've gotta do is using WPA. No need to try this at home.
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    Default Re: Pls back-track ppl help me.

    The most common cause would be the "Driver not supporting Injection"

    Try this first and let us know the outcome


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    Default Re: Pls back-track ppl help me.

    Quote Originally Posted by LCF View Post
    By the way, you've seen that WEP isn't strong enough. All you've gotta do is using WPA. No need to try this at home.
    For beginners its a step to see whether they can do it. When you start out, baby steps can be necessary, rather than checking to see whether their network is secure. Learn to walk before attempting to run. Or more, learn to crawl before you can walk. Either way, the answers smack bang in your face, and nobody means offense by pointing it out, but we don't believe in spoon feeding here as you may have realised. Read over it again, and hopefully you will get it.
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